Main focus on operations

Key Practice Areas

Dispute Resolution: Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation

  • Coordination and organization of procedures concerning multiple countries and jurisdictions.
  • Drafting of arbitration and mediation agreements Serving as mediator or serving as attorney for clients in mediation and arbitration matters in German American commercial law issues.
  • Representing clients in all litigation matters in Germany and in the US with US attorneys


  • Corporate law with a particular emphasis on corporate clients with cross border or transnational interests
  • Counsel from incorporation to dissolution and liquidation
  • Corporate reorganizations of national and multinational entities with a focus on German and U.S. operations
  • Counsel and assistance for board members, shareholders and directors
  • Counsel on restructurings, refinancing and insolvency-related issues under German and U.S. laws

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Counsel on financing opportunities as well as national and international corporate transactions
  • Counsel on national and international mergers and acquisitions
  • Counsel on German-American business settlement and national and international business expansion
  • Advisor to German companies preparing the US market entry

German American Taxation

  • Counsel on German American, investment planning in both countries under the rules of the German – American Convention for the avoidance of double taxation
  • Counsel on national and international inheritance matters under taxation crterias
  • Counsel on German-American business settlement and national and international business expansion combined with tax planning
  • Advisor to German companies in respect of tax matters preparing the US market entry

Real Estate

  • Advise clients with project development, also with regard to renewable energy projects
  • Advise on contracts, in particular land sales contracts and asset management agreements
  • Preparation and review of architectural, engineering, facilities management and tenancy agreements
  • Real estate due diligence, Commercial Leases
  • Consulting on real estate financing / project financing
  • Closed-end property funds, particularly in the area of renewable energies
  • US real estate law and US real estate investments for German investors
  • Assisting German investors in the US in case of failed US investments
  • German American taxation for real estate investors

White Collar Crime/ Compliance /Germany - USA

  • Advice and defense in white-collar crime matters, especially those with transnational references
  • Company representation in the field of international white-collar crime, in particular crimes in capital markets and competition infringements
  • Consulting in the area of export controls, sanctions and related procedures, particularly with US-based reference
  • National and International law regarding fiscal offenses
  • Realistic compliance monitoring and crisis management
  • Advise on corruption and bankruptcy procedures

US Immigration and Dual Citizenships

  • Counsel for German Citizens who are having US immigration matters,
  • Employment-based US immigration:
    Obtaining residence permit and work permit for business,
  • German American and European– American Dual citizenship matters
  • Dual citizenship issues:
    Application for German Retention Permit (“Beibehaltungs Genehmigung”) obtaining / re-obtaining German citizenship(“Wiedereinbuergerung”)

Media Law

  • The firm advises and represents companies from the Media / IT- Business in commercial law and contractual matters and accompanies them in negotiations and questions in the context of national or international business expansion. This is never just an advice in legal terms but also an act of balancing legal risks to the financial chances. In addition, the firm consults companies in setting up their business, the search for capital and the involvement of partners in B2B and B2C
“We do not look for potential problems in the deal; we want to help to make the deal.”

Our Team

Christoph Rueckel

Dr. Christoph Rueckel

Christoph Rueckel is founding partner of BridgehouseLaw, with offices in Atlanta, Charlotte (USA) and Germany, and of The BridgehouseLaw Alliance, with offices in London, Paris, Vienna, Barcelona, Warsaw, Vancouver, Istanbul and Saudi Arabia. He is today a Senior Partner with the Law Firm Rückel & Collegen in Munich, Düsseldorf (Germany) and Atlanta (USA).

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Stefan Lode

Dr. Stefan Lode

Dr. Stefan Lode is partner of Rückel & Collegen Rechtsanwälte and he is representing the Düsseldorf unit of the Law firm.

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Munich (Germany)

Rückel & Collegen is working in Munich in cooperation with the attorneys and CPA’s of Ringel & Hillebrand Partnerschaft mbB (Ringel & Hillebrand)

Düsseldorf (Germany)

The Düsseldorf-office of Rückel & Collegen is part of a network of lawyers and tax consultants located on Grafenberger Allee.

Atlanta (USA)

Dr. Christoph Rueckel is working in Atlanta as of Counsel to BridgehouseLaw Atlanta.

Other Locations in the US

Christoph Rueckel has worked in the U.S. for 20 years. In addition to his work at Rückel & Collegen in Atlanta (GA), he works with his American connections in Washington (DC), Miami (Fl), New York (NY), Chicago (IL) Los Angeles (CA), Las Vegas (NV) and other US locations.

International Locations

Christoph Rueckel works on an ongoing basis with lawyers in Europe, including Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, and Scandinavia. He also works on an ongoing base with attorneys and law firms in Israel, Canada and Turkey.

Areas of transatlantic activities

Christoph Rueckel is the founder of the Amcham Internship program which believes that Internships for American students are one of the best ways to develop young ambassadors who will bring a new and focused dynamic to the world around them after returning to the United States. The Internship Program offers students the opportunity to become familiar with German culture through a three-month internship with a host company in different fields of the economy. As students will be working in a business environment, daily interactions with leading international firms will enable students to gain a better insight into the German economy, sharpen and improve their German language skills and engage with cross-cultural challenges helping to cultivate a better transatlantic repertoire between the United States and Germany.

The program is designed to ensure that all students returning to the United States from Germany have an expanded self-confidence and a clearer understanding of Germany's economic and business role within the European Union. Although American students who wish to gain international experience early in life are our primary participants, we have students from many different cultural backgrounds who can share their previous life experiences while in Germany and new ones after the return home. Through daily interactions with their host company, students will become true ambassadors for the rapidly globalizing world around us in a time where a larger international perspective is necessary for both personal and cultural progression, as well as creating a better transatlantic relationship between the United States and Germany. The new platform provides students with ample opportunities to gain insight into the world’s economy, improve their German language skills, and enjoy cultural challenges.

The US German Internship Program is a not for profit organization registered with the State of Georgia as a charitable organization under the name AmCham BridgehouseLaw Internship Program, Inc. 1170 Peachtree Street N.E., Suite 1815, Atlanta, GA, 30309. This program is sponsored by AmCham Germany, Christoph Rueckel and BridgehouseLaw for the purpose of providing educational internships to US based university students abroad.

US - German Internship Program — In cooperation with universities in the Southeastern United States

German American Internship Program 2016

AmCham “Commerce Germany News”, June 2016

German American Internship Program 2013

German American Internship Program 2013 reception of US interns by Consul General William (“Bill”) Moeller; US Consulate Munich (Germany) with Christoph Rueckel

German American Internship Program 2016

German American Internship Program 2016 Arrival of the US interns in Frankfurt am Main with Andreas Povel, Geschäftsführer der AmCham Germany and Christoph Rueckel

AmCham Internship Program, Munich Weekend, July 2016

AmCham Internship Program, Munich Weekend, July 2016

5th AmCham Business Day in Atlanta February 25, 2014 to support the Amcham Internship program with Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg as special guest.

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg; Andreas Povel (AmCham Germany; Frankfurt); Sabrina Fritz (ARD Washington); Dr. Jackson Janes John Hopkins University; Christoph Sander German Consul General Atlanta; Minister Peter Fischer German Embassy Washington DC; Frank Spolitari UPS Germany; Peter Beyer (MdB); Professor Monika Schulte (Piedmont College); Prof. Dr. Torsten Pieper (Kennesaw University) Klaus Tornow (AmCham Germany Stuttgart); Dr. Christoph Rueckel and others

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg as special guest and Peter Beyer (MdB – member of the German Bundestag) Atlanta February 25, 2014 during the 5 th Amcham Business Day in Atlanta (GA).

Overcoming intercultural hurdles between Germany and the U.S.

Our experience as German/American advisors has shown that overcoming well know intercultural communication issues must serve as the starting point to a solid business relationship.


  • Autonomy
  • Personal contacts
  • Freedom
  • Own initiative (health care, get a job,…)
  • Individualized traffic


  • Big influence of organizations
  • Lively activities in organizations
  • Institution
  • Welfare service - “they” will take care of it…
  • Fully developed public transport
  • “Open door policy”
  • Loyalty to one’s own interests
  • Fair play
  • Habit of socializing
  • Hierarchy
  • Loyalty to the management
  • Power play
  • Job vs. private life
  • Informality
  • “You”
  • “Hi, I’m Jim.”
  • Being popular
  • Being quite on time
  • Formality
  • “Sie”
  • “May I introduce myself, I am Prof. Dr. Müller”
  • Being factual
  • Being on time
  • Change
  • Fast decision-making
  • Many possibilities
  • Goal orientated
  • Short statements
  • Trial & error
  • Short-term aims
  • Overstatements expected
  • Being conservative
  • Consensus
  • Only one right solution
  • Detailed decision-making process
  • Extensive discussion
  • Avoiding errors is essential
  • Long-term planning
  • No overstatements
  • Brainstorming
  • Easy-going atmosphere
  • Simple and to the point expression
  • Promoting suggestions
  • Looking for similarities
  • Own project responsibility
  • Exhaustive preparation
  • Strict agenda
  • Elaborated and sophisticated expression
  • Presenting facts
  • Criticism
  • Responsibility of the management


German Office: Munich

Kardinal-Faulhaber-Str. 15
80333 München
Phone: + 49 + 49 89 238 869 80
Fax: + 49 + 49 89 288 111 99
Efax: + 1 404 393 9333


German Office: Düsseldorf

Grafenberger Allee 120
40237 Düsseldorf
Phone: + 49 + 211 9149 270
Fax: + 49 + 211 9149 299

U.S. Office: Atlanta

Peachtree 25th Building, 1720 Peachtree Street N.W., Suite 520
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
Phone: + 1 404 885 5320
Fax: + 1 404 885 5329
Efax: + 1 404 393 9333